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Personal Development Seminar: LIVING YOUR LIFE FULLY

Personal Development Seminar,

based on

Gestalt approach 

in Altmõisa, Estonia,

March 28th to

April 1st 2018

  • Improve your skills having contact, being present, and experiencing boundaries Increase your life energy and ability to “go for it”!
  •  Become aware of your stress issues. Take back your power of life and live fully.
  • These and many other issues will be discussed in the intensive and integrating seminar.
  • You will experience new awareness and gain insight that will empower your attitude towards your life and living.
  • You will train your listening skills, empathy and your ability to stand up for yourself.

Seminar includes: thematic teaching; experiental exercises; in-depth dialogue; integration of body, feelings and mind; personal reflection in smaller groups.

The leaders are experienced Gestalt Psychotherapists connected to the GIS-International Training Program.

Beautiful and inspiring
The beautiful surrounding
s of Altmõisa in Estonia, just an hour drive from Tallinn, gives you the perfect setting for a life-changing stay and an experience of inner journey.

Get your qualification
As a benefit this seminar also qualifies, if you want to participate in the 4-year Gestalt Therapist education.

Where: Altmõisa, Estonia


When: March 28th to April 1st 2018
– Company: 600€ (Seminar 350
€, accommodation 250 €)
– Private: 550 € (Seminar
fee 300 €, accommodation 250 €)
– Students: 500 € (Seminar fee 250 €, accommodation
250 €)

Language: English

Seminar leaders:  Merit Lage, Helen Kaljuvee-Sepp

Registration to free pre-interview:



Pre-interview is possible via Skype

Registration deadline February 15th

About leaders:

Helen Kaljuvee-Sepp is a gestalt psychotherapist, who has graduated 4-year Training Program in GIS-International and has many years of experience working with individual clients and groups, and is a memeber of Estonian Gestalt Psychotherapists´ Organization. 

Merit Lage is experienced  gestalt psychotherapist. Besides individual counceling  and therapeutic work, Merit also works as coach and supervisor with other professionals, leaders, teams and organizations.